Janet Stilson

Creative Writing

Janet is attracted to grounded sci-fi stories and those that sprinkle in a little “magic” because of their unique ways of illuminating human conditions that are present in the world today. Janet’s stories feature strong roles for women and are often touched with romance and strange mysteries.

 Among Janet's body of work is a feature film script called "The Beauty of Disaster." She wrote, directed and acted in a short film based on the feature which featured Amelia Mathews and Roger Wayne, pictured above. It's based on Janet's observations of the secretive - and occasionally very funny world - of fortunetellers in Greenwich Village.

The short screened in Los Angeles and New York several times, won an award and has been licensed to a cable channel. The short's website gives access to a trailer, cast & crew info as well as essays by Janet and the film's director - the very talented Nicole Gomez Fisher - about their creative process.

Janet’s sci-fi film script "Jaguar Trail" won the competition for the Writer's Lab for Women. The lab is supported by Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman, and it’s organized by New York Women in Film and Television and the collective Iris. Members of the Writers Guild of America selected "Jaguar" from a pool of 3,500 entries. 

More information about these projects along with Janet's other film, novel and short story writing are available upon request.