Universe of Lost Messages

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Published by: Dragon Moon Press
Release Date: May 14, 2024
Pages: 400
ISBN13: 978-1-77400-062-5

Advance Praise:

"With Universe of Lost Messages Stilson shows herself to be one of the very best of new SF writers. This is a terrific thriller but it's also a deeply incisive political novel, holding up a mirror to our celebrity-obsessed culture. The dangers Stilson writes about are set in the future, but they may be just around the corner. An original, vibrant, entertaining, and thrilling work of fiction." – Jonathan Oliver, multi-award winning editor and the author of The Language of Beasts.

What if your child has special powers and can get people to do almost anything? What happens if the child is abducted?

Izzie and Tristan were never mere humans. They are Charismites, with almost god-like powers of magnetism. And they couldn’t be more different. Izzie is a reckless, playful megastar whose popularity far exceeds that of any other celebrity. Tristan is a secluded nature lover, almost completely unknown to anyone beyond a protective biodome.

Their worlds explode when they are abducted by The Fist, a power-hungry political group with  a master plan to control the hearts and minds of all people on Earth and satellite colonies beyond. But the plan only works with the help of Charismites.

The people who love Tristan and Izzie are distraught when they go missing and will do anything to find them. The search party includes Izzie’s mother, Petra, who heads one of the largest media corporations on Earth, and Izzie’s brother, Shakespear, a top producer there. Tristan’s mother, Luscious, has Charismite powers of her own, and his rebel tech head father, Jarat, is a master sleuth.

The two families don’t have much to go on until a feisty, street-wise teen, Cheeta, discovers clues about the Charismites within a strange metaverse filled with millions of missing messages. But will they actually find them? And can they destroy The Fist before they take over the planet?

Filled with an eclectic cast of characters, a slow-burn romance, humor, and wonderful descriptions of a sensual and sometimes violent world, Universe of Lost Messages will leave readers on the edge of their seats. It is a stand-alone sequel to Janet Stilson’s beloved novel, The Juice. Fans of William Gibson, Margaret Atwood, dystopian novels and science fiction thriller books will devour this masterful adventure.

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