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Deadly Flicks, Terrific Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reads

There’s an interview with Jordan Peele on NPR this morning that gave me some food for thought about horror, and in particular Black horror. Peele (“Get Out,” “Nope”) has curated a collection of Black horror stories called “Out There Screaming.” In explaining why Black horror has become so popular, Peele said that it allows people to process their own fears. It reminded me of an interview I did with a master of horror filmmaking, Felipe Machado, who explained why all kinds of people love to be terrified by horror stories. What Peele said fit right into what Machado was talking about. All of this comes as my head is full of work by Victor LaValle, another master of horror.

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Top Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

One of most popular reasons why people search out the word “sci-fi” on Google is to find out what reviewers consider to be the top sci-fi movies playing on Netflix at any given time. Naturally, several digital publications have provided just that. I nosed around five top sci-fi movie lists to find out what’s been recommended over the last month.

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