CBD to the Rescue: Responsible Ways to Live Without Booze

Turning a new (better) leaf with CBD. Source: Pixabay.com

Do you ever wonder if there will come a time when humans will no longer need to swallow and smoke chemical substances to relieve their pain and relieve anxiety?

As the relationship between humans and computers continues to evolve, maybe future generations will implant a chip in their bodies to counteract whatever whacked-out thing they’re experiencing – or to help them identify nearby strangers whom they might fall in love with and conceive utterly adorable children, if only they were to actually meet.

Maybe people will receive transmissions that trigger inebriation, artificial dreams or ways of healing areas of our bodies in crisis mode.

Since I’m out on a limb here, maybe technology will help generations of the future survive as the world continues to warm beyond levels that human beings can presently endure.

It’s the sort of stuff I like to speculate about in my fiction. My dystopian novel about media and tech, THE JUICE, imagines some of that—as does the next book in the series, which I’m writing now.

No one who knows me well would ever say I’m a disinterested party to all this. And even more so, in recent weeks.


It all started with my gastroenterologist, whom I refer to as Dr. Killjoy. He recently told me that some awful bouts of sickness I was experiencing had to do with a problem that could only be erased if I stopped drinking alcohol.

Nope. Not an ounce, except on my birthday or New Year’s. Not just for a while. Forever.

This was a major change for someone like me, give my chronic back pain. A couple of stiff ones at night helped me during the process of watching my beloved husband die over a four-year span of time, and then dealt with the loss of him.

But I did it. Stopped drinking stone cold on the day I was told to do so.

This took some doing. And because I’m far from alone in dealing with stressful and painful issues, I want to share how I’m compensating for the lack of some vodka on the rocks with a splash of water and lemon every night.

Going cold turkey without any form of de-stresser wasn’t an option. I can meditate and drink chamomile tea until the cows come home. Neither would work to the level I need. Although as I wrote recently, I’m a big believer in guided meditations.


Instead, I’ve resorted to a little squirt of CBD tincture under the tongue in the early evening, followed by some powdered CBD mixed in with some highly flavorful herbal teas. (Huge fan of Celestial Seasonings’ holiday offering, Caramel Apple Dream, along with a decaf version of Harney & Sons’ Hot Cinnamon Spice.

A nutritional supplement called Calm, which is rich in magnesium and formulated to relieve stress, is also a go-to resource. I favor the unflavored version as the tastes they offer just seem like poor imitations of real substances, like lemons.

CBD, as you probably know, is a form of cannabis. The tincture I use is distributed nationally by CBDistillery. It has trace levels of THC, and is what’s known as full spectrum. In New York, where I live, there are plenty of places to buy CBD in shops. But the trick is to find the right strength and a source you can trust to provide a quality product. For me a bottle of 2500 Mg. CBDistillery tincture (1 Mg per serving) is what works.

This product doesn’t get me high. It just takes the edge off my stress. I’m not averse to THC. But for my nightly wind down, it’s not necessary. And the THC gets my mind spinning a little too fast for slumber.


There are all kinds of CBD-infused drinks out on the market. I used to buy a lime-ginger soda from Upstate Elevator Supply Co. (Clever name, right?) But the calories made that less interesting to me, and I’m not a fan of their flavored seltzers, which don’t have the calorie problem. Instead, I’m currently using a flavorless CBD powder from Recess, which comes in little packets and is easy to order online (as are Upstate Elevator’s drink products). One Recess packet lasts me over a few nights, because the amount of CBD inside can pack a wallop. At least for me.

This past week, my first without alcohol, was sleepless. I needed to press myself down into sleep with some Melatonin, on top of the CBD and Calm. But my body is adjusting, and I’ve cut the Melatonin out. Slept soundly two nights ago, and while last night was fitful, I had some good dreams.

I know that some people have issues taking cannabis, with or without THC. It can cause uncontrollable vomiting. At first, Dr. Killjoy thought that was what was wrong with me. Tests proved that theory wrong. Instead, I’ve got the no-alcohol thingy.

Some of you out there may think that all of my remedies are nothing but chemical crutches. To them I respond: “Yes. But how old are you? How do you feel? And are you made of some titanium super cool substance that I should be writing about?”

For everyone else, hoping this advice is of help, if only a little.

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